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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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glad to hear of first attendance of breaking new security guard is stabbed inside backwards n st. thomas hospital. >> tonight he is fighting for his life. tom melissa reidhi joins us live on the very latest of his condition >> i live outside akron general hospital right now. this is where the security guard was taken just a short time ago fory what we know is he is currently undergoing surgery at this hour and however we do not know what kind of condition he is in..
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evening. the security card was working the psych ward at st. thomas hospitalo when a 33 rural patient was brought in from akron city hospital. the security guard was working on arms. >> hospital staff really rush to get the suspect all of the garb. please say he is undergoing surgery at this hour. the suspect was immediately taken into custody. they say there are no other injuries in the attack. we reached out for a comment
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thoughts and prayers are with the security guard as well as his family.t they will be releasing details as they become more available. a security guard corps undergoing surgery after being stabbed multiple timesu. suspect under arrest right now not officially chartered we don't have an update right now on the security guard . >> melissa thank you. here and nfl hall of famer said he's disappointed to hear the charges filed against another former browns player. reggie rocker is accused of paying gambling debts using a fund. >> jim brown says he always trusted reggie walker but he cut ties with the last march after discovery
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problem. he faces to federal charges. the organization if can accused of defrauding is trying to stop violence in the community . famer jim brown said is a man he trusted, former browns wide receiver reggie rocker is facing federal charges repeated use off spending $50,000 to pay off gambling desert federal authorities say the money was supposed to go to charitable organizations in cleveland. >> i've been doing all my life.
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>> brother was present at the cleveland peacemakers allies and executive director of the american clevelandd which was founded by jim brown. the organization has received donations from local companies and foundations theio they help troubled young men turn their lives around by turning away from violence. >> he knows he was wrong, not blaming anybody else accepting responsibility for himself. and the money dig out to its intended purpose. >> cleveland city councilman zack reed says he is so impressed with the program that he is still asking mayor frank jackson to include money for it in the city's budget. >> what he did stop us from doing a good think that these individuals h continue to do on our streets. >> other jim brownwn says his cut ties with him last march he also says that the work still needs to be done .
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regardless of the setbacks. >> prosecutors say rucker gambled in cleveland as well as florida and las vegas. the attorney says he plans to plea guilty to the charges and he could face up to 20 years in prisond if he's convicted although officials say that they doubt he will be sentenced to that much time behind bars. that's a sad story all the way around. >> the police gang impact unit investigating a shooting at cleveland's popular warehouse district could loom agora was here with more. >> shots were fired at one of cleveland's destination spots to police got the call and found out that the suspects got mice be inside of a store at west ninth street. police arrested a man near the store with a lot of money in his
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store. they brought in canine units but no one was found inside. they found another gun from inside a vehicle outside. three people were arrestedin but as of tonight no charges have been filed. >> please tell us many people from the business were interview but they were> conflicting descriptions of exactly what happened inside the investigation at this hour does continue. charges are expected to be filed. fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> is a vital part of cleveland's rebirth. >> at cleveland city supervisor is under investigation for
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price case. >> to process it has stopped, please had quieted down around the police shooting of 12 -year-old to be a rice. then monday this surface on the facebook account. >> to mere rice he said should have been shot and i'm glad his daggersh i wish i was in the park that day as he terrorized innocent pages by pointing a gun at them i'mti upset i did not get the chance to kill the little mark nelson has the naacp. >> as he's making this kind of statementshe and he's making them boldly and publicly that it is a dangerous precedent and it causes me concern. >>ater though this post, someone picked up my phone and made some awful posts under my name.d i want to apologize for those who thought it was me.. i do not believe or stand for
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nonetheless,as cleveland city hall confirms its office of integrity control began investigating monday. >> for that supervisor by behind his facebook account the the i-team has decided not toator make any decisions until they get results from the investigation. >> they also reviewed posted on the sam facebook account after officer michael wheeler was cleared of a shooting. >> people of consciousness and goodwill are going to have to become more visible instead of drowning out the voices of intoleranced. >> yet it also reached out to the ms supervisor leaving two messages so far we have not heard backk. >> tonight a man is accused of
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start of a stolen bowling alley. kirk lebowski was arrested following a fight inside the freeway laseredir last evening please say it all started when he overheard a child making funen of a friend of his son. allegedly pushed a ten -year-old on the floor causing minor injuries on the child's mother her what happened she allegedly confronted himsh and his wife which gave way to a fight inside then alley. here is the 911 call. >> this is maria freeway lanesla and i have a riot starting to break out with young kids. >> what do you mean by riot. >> there fighting with each other they are swearing, and the teenagers are coveted intros and standing around . >> where. >> at the front entrance. >> in addition to the assault chargen the parents we're cited for disorderly conduct.
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captures a dramatic rescue. disrespecting the stars and stripes, the photo taken inside of a classroom that starts an investigationaks. >> they track your fitness but they do the also help others t track you? why wearing these high-tech wristbands around town could also be putting your privacy at
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will look of some of the numbers and some of your photos to create . >> first of all here's our webcam taiwan state sues city of cleveland u. you can see the parting of the clouds. they are occasionally wafting inof and a little loose and i do mean loose from time to time a flurry or two. nothing substantial.
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cold spell we still had about half of lake erie unfrozen. but look what happens in this animation. notice how much of the ice is now slippery colored. it is vacating up and taking over a lot of lakes. 29 degrees right now at hopkins. it's not a big freeze behind the system. it is relatively cool. where in between systems. the first one already off of the new england coast. the next one right here that's a band of snow showers. not terribly heavy or exciting.
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tonight. local cosmetic code is possible. that's pretty much it.t. there may be a brief lake effect behind it mile afternoon. that too will not be a big deal. warm-up on friday coming up >> there were the highest gadgets of the holiday season safe harbor boards have come with plenty of war stories inside the devastating scene and the doctor is no longer in a teenager accused of posing a something he is not and now he's facing serious charges. >> later on college hoops galore can't an acronym home while the buckeyes and global earnings
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collected to put batteries in his automatic deflation device should it with miles after breaking lucid i pentagon now says it supports restoring test involving outlive. >> still the come local church drawing controversy over what it is looking to builder why it is sparking debate about guns and
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god and guns at local churches talking about build in outdoor shooting late range. and as dave nethers reports that has some in the area asking questions about their own safety >> most people around here have guns. a lot of people shoot a. >> including the township trustee. >> i've been shooting for 20
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it's a regular activity that we do and share and enjoy i'm a strong supporter of the second amendment. >> so the madonna assembly is considering using is 30 acres >> and the trustees say they can't object since we can only do it the statute expressly permit us to do and they do not permit us too regulate shooting ranges. >> they're not planning on building a structure for this range,>> they would not need a building permit essentially with their plan under this putting up railroad ties as a backstop and puttingks dirt in front of that as well is off to the side f. >> if the range is ever built it would be far from a public park. this is a chippewa trail, a hiking, biking, jogging, walking trail putting things in perspective a proposed range on
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this is the trail. some are concerned that if a 50 caliber round like this got away this would be a bad place for to end upp. >> many in the neighborhood want to know more about it before passing judgmentnt. >> i'm open to listening to their discussion and if a something being done safely and responsiblyd then i would listen to it. >> this is a 50 caliber print this is one that is proposed to be firing.t >> i know if my family was still living at the farm, i would not be too excited about that. >> thank you could the lead pastor of the church says safety is our biggest concert and they would not do anything they could harm people in their community. the time being he said this proposal has been tabled . >> coming up in a bit a pair of police officers become an answer to prayerf. >> a woman in need is sane thinking why police chose to
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her a ticket. >> they track your steps, your heart rate and even help you watch what you eat but are those wristbands sending signals to the wrong people. a warning about the new
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exclusive video a driver plunges into frigid water stewart it took to bring her to safety when every second counted. >> a popular holiday gadget being blameday for its night. >> plus all the snow on the ground might not stick around for longford t andre will let us know how warm is going to get. news at ten continues.
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video of a brave rescue police officers getting in the very frigid water to rescue a car accident victimng v. >> i-team reporter shows us there very valid rescue. >> she went over in a ditch. >> people heights police received this nine meloan call a little before 10:00 thursday morning . >> the i-team obtained this body camera video. >> a car on for a one off the roadway and down a twee 5-foot embankmentnt before landing in a creek secondsg later the driver of that video called asking for helpth. >> it was 17 degrees outside and police captain todd hanson said this pastor this passenger was no longer toon set that dispatcher
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victimtc. >> officers begin searching the area but it was difficult to find the car. >> we cannot locate the vehicle and we eventually got more information. >> was laterle officer spotted a vehicle surrounded by water and ice shouldic. >> the three went into the freezing water which was about waist deep. when they got close to the vehicle they got worried because driver seate
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>> just minor bumps and bruises. and is treated her for exposure to the cold. >> and the police chief says he cannot be more proud. >> please have identified the driver involved in a deadly wrong way crash sunday morning officer say mark rafter of brooklyn hit another car head on near ridge road the driver of the other car was killed. charges are pending. the superintendent of the strasburg franklin school district under fireri accusing city brown ordered them to
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performance. teachers union is calling for an investigation since a hover board is believed to be a cause of a house fire in orange village.o this photo was taken in the basement after a how report which had been charging off fire over the weekend. a fire destroyed the carpet and sent smoke throughout the hall in the home no one was hurt just this past weekend thei consumer product safety commission put out an alert about batteries used in those devicesmm. >> is stated that the lithium ion batteries and a charger actually have a tendency to combust. i know that consumer product safety is testing a bunch of different types but i would keep an eye on it anytime we have it plugged into the charger that it doesn't combustt experts say don't overcharge the device and allow it to cool down before charging a. >> she thought she was getting a ticket from placements that a cleveland matter mother says they saved her family from starving. >> tonight suzanne severed has
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messagege from the woman for those carrying officers. >> this is an incredible story. the said they learned why she and then rest to help. >> it was almost 1:00 in the morning. more like the middle of the night. two daughters ages nine and 11 so hungry beverly kos could no longer wait to find food but unable to buy any after paying bills. >> my whole check goes on rent, gas, lights, and p i don't have any money left. >> in tearsi she walked to the offramp to panhandle and someone stopped. the cleveland police patrol car.
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give me a ticket.t. but they said no, we are going to helpar you. >> there are a lot of places to turn to itt that time in the morning to pick up bags of groceries. but there is one and they were quick to open their doors. dinner he feeds people. a nonprofit group sergeant tim knows well.l >> not even a question, three in the morning or two in the morning, i got you, what you need sergeant tim. >> they donated enough to last a few days to an end they delivered the food to beverly and girlsey. >> and i was so thankful and all i could do was think god, those officers were so nice since beverly learned that police had helped many of her friends as well le which is why she shared her story.
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attention she wants people to remember all of the good officers out therees . >> thank you officers. bless you. >> sincere gratitude and were so happy that they were able to have a good dinner. panhandling though is a legal entity can cost you hundreds of dollars so please don't recommend you do this. if you're in a dire situation you can call police and the do have emergency contact with many other shelters and organizations to help you out. for information on how to support the hermit house you can go to fox8 .com. >> people sometimes don't hear the good news, there is good news.a >> and wonderful story.
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temperatureses. >> it did look like a picture postcard. will check some of them out and hopefully you'll catch one of your images on here. but not to worry i know they are going by fast. we have you covered there too. we want you to go to fox8 .com and t click on the forecast discussion page. i've uploaded all the pictures that you just saw go by and they are just a random sampling of gorgeous photos that many of you sent in. we thank you for participating. talk about a spot on forecast for last night we finally up the amount. and as we thought it quickly dropped off from there. millersburg just catching the edge of heavy snow.
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pulling up to the northeastt and away from us here's the next one but it's just a cool front and its place with a few snow showers. temperatures have been losing ground. looks like about a degree every six hours or so. it started with 33. you will be a little bit of the departure but not muchh and i think we'll hold it there and see that departure start to go back out. once we get beyond 12. twenty-five tonight, mostly cloudy. you can see we're not far from that right now. twenty-nine in cleveland, 29 in akron canton.t 3312's not much of a rise in temperature. we had a reinforcing batch of colder air. and a few snow showers. it's not going to be a big deal, not like this morning. behind it you see a little bit
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or so. there is the cold air on wednesday. watch what happens to the overall flow, we start picking up what we call thee zonal flow. that means we don't have any huge poles of cold air or batches of very hot air could is kind of in the middle which is good news because at least very briefly temperatures will head up to 50.t v with a few rain showers on friday. will settle back into the 40s variably cloudy skies. it does look like we will cool off a bit back in the 30s. but nothing is super cold. just one temperature of 50 that might be very comfortable.
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and everybody out east is enjoying school closing. got all the closings and delays on your phone and on the air. one high school classroom students are under fire for what they did with the flag and its
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a california woman is just read looking for her missing father who disappeared during her when he couldalr demand have flown all the way from india to go to california to be there for his daughter's big date the family members say he seemed strangely unhappy after arriving. after the wedding ceremony at a historic waterfront mansion he pose for pictures with them and then he told the girl he wanted to go for a walk and he hasn't been seen since. >> it sounded like he was a little different and he wanted her back to india. >> i'm not sure of the recent. >> so far dive teams havete scoured the water and officers have search with canines on the groundsd but there's been no sign of the bride's father.
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a high school is investigating a controversy ofoto that has quickly gone viral viral unsocial behaviorha this photo was taken inside richland high school just outside of johnstown pennsylvania. and if one student is stopping the american flag and another is posting a boulder gesture is no created a lot of a great reaction around the country. >> it would be enough to put a fear inou parents and students that i want paris be rest assured that we are taking every >> tonight the mother of one of the students seenen issued a statement saying her son did a stupid and impulsive thing that he nowpu deeply regrets. >> a florida teenager is in big trouble.e. he was arrested on suspicion of
10:45 pm
license for he was taken into custody following a state operationak where he performed a physical exam on an undercover agent whohed the team opened a medical office. he was previously cited by the florida state health department for practicing medicinecihe without a license last fall. >> plus the folks finding that his fans underneath the christmas tree this year f. >> now a new warning about those how the high-tech devices could put you and your privacy at serious risk.
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33 lead the distractors are owned in the united states with a the gambia drawback is because they are not t random the address of their device, then it can be monitoredd persistently over time which according to researchers
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you arere. >> they felt that the distractors don't shut off even if your phone does. a lot of people will turn off bluetooth on the phone to say battery life but what we found was if you turn out in your device is not connected then it will start to track this identifier. >> are you do is download out your camera or iphone andnd you can find as many fitbit's or the distractors in a place like south park mall. >> in just seconds we are able to see if that his tribe is for people going all to the mall. >> is going to scan so that's that, and you can view it in the map and that's where we are. that's where you've even standing for the past couple of minutes.e >> that's not exciting. >> they also may be able to see where you are but they don't
10:50 pm
up on an app. >> we can monitor this specific tracker as it moves around in place. >> zero name and other information cannot be scanned but even somebody just knowing where you are, that is concerning to some. >> that is creepy. it's like you have on a bracelet from jail. >> they say that they do have secured in place to keep the data from getting out of your hands fitbit does have some sophisticated measures in place and it apple had some strong security features such even somebody being able to find a fitness track record out the something people we talked to hope will not be able to have ite >> hope we are a poor can help these companies see that consumers are concerned about these issuespopo and that resources
10:51 pm
secure. >> researchers that if you worried about the location of your device be monitored, what they you can doo is quite simple keep your phone connected to buy your device connected to your mobile phoneo and that can prevent somebody from tracking your tracker so keep your bluetooth onm a bizarre scene on a busy highway a. >> police are hot on the trail of a stolen back hope for a very longtime and why they had no choice but to wait it out. >> and nexus sports ohio state is beating michigan in hoops. what bit that plus a zip
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when you think of dramatic car chases movies like fast and furious might come to mind this is a pursuit that would make the cut in hollywood could and 89 -year-old man led them on a slow speed chase. he was driving a back hoping the man drove recklessly for about an hour and half before running over a spike strip on the bridge. he was arrested at the scene and tonight is facing multiple charges including reckless driving, grant that lean and alluding please. >> ohio state buckeyes entertaining though wolverines tonight. as one buckeye was honored there. he was spectacular as a buckeye had his jersey number.
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from doing much damage. that's williams for long distance. >> cleveland state was at the cute nitric we are seeing the vikings tried to get some damage done undere but from long distance we got that baby to go. and that's to von walker was one of the leading scores for robert edwards he was the only guy in double figures for cleveland state that is keith carter number zero and then the vikings on a break and edward scoring right there. however they have too much firepower.
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league. >> cavaliers back on the court thursday night come to quicken loans arena. the buzz is the cavs may tweak this team with the minor moves but unlikely to block any kind of a blockbuster deal.y cavaliers have the polls the thunders and the pistons right out of the block of the all-star break for weasley browns quarterbackhe said of social media he can't wait to show everybody he can come back from devastating injuries shouldev the former oregon duck who broke up 43 passes over four seasons in oregon will get a chance in the spring to show how close he is to making a recovery of a torn acl. he said he's close to
10:57 pm
the ota and there certainly working forward to that.ta they will headline the hall of fame game. the packers and the colts will play the first game on august the seventh at 8:00 p.m. three hall of famers brett favre if there is of course of the packers and of course tony dodgy will add some pop star power as well. looking forward to seeing the ball returning. >> any snow for rewarding cracks >> there will be some snow showers but not the kind we had this morning. there might be a few snow showers as we approach the early morning hours.
10:58 pm
change your routine. there might be some local cosmetic coding as we head into tomorrow and then thursday sunny but a cold 33. forty since we can with partly cloudy skies.ty >> appreciate your time. our morning show crew will be
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it was a nice re pty i guess. still, it's a shame professor rothman was forced to step down. what choice did the university have? he snapped. it happens to theoretical physicists all the time. i wonder how long sheldon's got. these shrimp are all the same size. there's no the logical order to eat them in. can't be very long. hey, look, there's rothman's empty office. sad. mm, indeed. yeah. so sad. dibs. (tape measure retracting) what's up, fellas? what are you doing here, kripke? ah, measuring my new office


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